Wednesday, July 08, 2015

You Can Turn Your Old Tees to Necklace

Goodday lovelies...Today I will be showing (not teaching you) hehehehe you how you can turn that old tee-shirt in your house to a beautiful necklace.We have to recycle because we cant afford to waste.

saw this on pinterest

  I was on pinterest lastyear when I came across the image above so I decided to try my hands on mine .A button earring and the necklace can be made from the tee depending on how you want it.

my first attempt

depending on how long you want it to be
This is fuller and medium sized

This is shorter accompanied by a button earring

What do you think? Please don't mind my ugly pictures, concentrate on the accessories .Thank you...

Holla; Lets know your specifications


  1. Wowwwwwww are you serious. Teach us now. I have enough old shirts to use mehn. Really creative girl

  2. This babe is so creative. I want this asap. I wld buy and then u should do a giveaway since have not been priviledged to get a giveaway from you before

    U hear me so?

  3. Kudos to u my boss.... My head dey swell *wink***

  4. Creativity at its peak. Weldone girl.

  5. @Gloris tanx

    @Mololaaaaaaaaa no pack all your shirt finish for house ooo. Anyway am all set for you. Forget about location sofar we are in lagos, ko si wahala

    @Jummy tanx darling but chill out for this giveaway nah... E remain small biko

    @Layo lolz

  6. Where are my old tees oo,chincobee come pick them ASAP

  7. Are you kidding me? I gatta search for my old T-shirts for Chinco bee

  8. Google is my friend on how to make this

  9. Ahahahahaha@Amaka, good you know Google knows it all....Hope you are in lag now?

    @BMF, add Mr Owolabi's own too

    @alabekee please do

  10. OK, Please come teach us.

  11. @Pam DIY will come soon just hold on a bit

    @PAT tanx my fellow Aries

    @Anon Thanks

    @Amaka ok

  12. Chinco Bee I have like ten old Tees, some now rags sef but am ready to wash it clean just teach moi and #whispers I like your nose.. foine and pointed like oyibo.

  13. wow..that is very creative.please teach us how to do it..*smiles*

  14. Chinko,i don dey gather my old clothes oooooo

  15. @Opeyemi lolz....i dont want expired clothes oooo

    @Miss Chrissy lolz, thanks barbie

    @Rella rags kwa??? i no do..The finer the tees are the finer the necklace. Is the nose pointed?

  16. This is lovely.πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

  17. This is nice. love it and i will try it this weekend


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