Thursday, September 24, 2015

Figure it out + Giveaway

A little something for whoever figures this picture out. Explain the steps whichever way you can and the best entry gets a giveaway. You never can tell what the giveaway is. Will let you know in few days. All the best

Happy Eld Mubarak to our Muslim faithfuls. Enjoy the holiday.

Shout out to 'Mololaaaaaaaaaa. Welcome back


  1. Step1: clean the metal ring to free from greese or oil.

    Step 2: pick the largest piece of button and put a little amount of glue at the reverse side.

    Step 3: apply also a very little quantity of glue on the on the side you wish to place the button.

    Step 4: place the button gently on the already glued side of the ring.

    Step 5: repeat the same process of glueing the reverse side of a Slightly smaller button and place on the first big button.

    Step 6: pick the tiniest button and glue the reverse just like the first two buttons and glue in size sequence.

    Allow to dry properly and viola! U have ur brand new button ring.

    Eid mubarak to all Muslims around the globe.

  2. We already have a winner biko....

  3. And the winner is Diary of a Naija mom.. Nice concepts Chinco Bee..Plus Eid Mubarak to our Muslim Brothers and sisters.

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  4. I cannot contest again cos its obvious we have a winner already...

    Glowyshoe blog

  5. This is nice....

  6. The contest is so over. The first blogger solved the problem.
    Cute post.

  7. Very simple joor...

    Ask a hard one.

  8. It's a pity that I arrived late for this. There is a winner already, so congrats to her in advance

  9. Chai! See my head swelling. Chinco bee wia is my medal and free gift? I hope it's going to be a car

  10. Ahahahhahahhahha what kinda readers are y'al? Who told you we have a winner already? Instead of you to say you don't know it, you just concluded!!! You don't even know what am looking for. You people shouldn't fall my hand nah... Atleast give it a shot...

    1. Hello secretary, how are you enjoying your holidays?

      please am here to inform you that our weekly activities notice is out, please for more detail, visit

      thank you!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Diary of naija mom is the winner. She try pass me

    2. Ha ha but it's true na! Diary of naija mom gave the answer. But lemme try ooo
      1. Clean the rings, to avoid friction
      2. Take a bigger button and glue to the top of the button,
      3.get a smaller button of different colour add glue to its bottom and place on the bigger one. So you have two different buttons on each other, you can add another button if you wish but a smaller one.
      4. add glue to the top of the ring and also to the bottom of the co- joined buttons.
      5. Place the button on the ring and when it's dried you can rock your ring. Lol
      That's all

  12. Epic response from Chico Bee. Me no know d answer joor

  13. Yawns, I will pass. I no sabi


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