Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Ankara Neckbib Button Necklace

Hello lovelies…..Thanks to everyone for your words of encouragement, really appreciate it. Just yesterday and I already got clients. That’s awesome.

Yes back to the matter of the day, work has commenced and so today, I will be featuring one my own person BMFBabes you seem to be trending on this blog oooo  lolzz

From the picture, you can see she is rocking an ankara button neckbib made by yours truly CHINCOBEE. It can be worn on a plain dress or a plain top because the buttons are of different colours as this will bring out the beauty of the accessory.

Madam, did you lost something?

You can start to order for yours at very AFFORDABLE price. Thanks


  1. This looks so african. I love it already.Kudos to you miss chinco bee and may God bless the works of your hands.


  2. Ghen ghen, see me ooo. You must pay me for this feature ooo,hian

  3. I likeeey...Weldone Chinco Bee

  4. Chia see Oga @da Top tins.........Chincobee ders God oo!! #LynxxGal

  5. @Amaka tanx and you are welcome

    @Bmf payer ni...

    @lynxx gal, you can say that again

    @Anon KK thank you and I say Amennnn

    @jummy tanx sweets

  6. Beautiful one. Too bad I don't wear jewelries, will surely recommend people.


  7. Wow wow wow I love Ankara- I really need a colourful skirt so I can experiment with different tops. God bless your hustle nne

  8. @Yt please do, am at your service

    @Pam kilode nah? Anyway, recommendation is welcomed. Thanks

  9. It's soooo lovely. Where do you stay?

  10. Nice job dear *clap*clap*clap*

  11. @Mololaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i just like screaming your name.. Thank you Abule Egba-Sango Otta Axis

    @layo tanx sisto

  12. Lool chincooooooooooooooooooooo. Why so far now :(

  13. @Tomi Molola distance is no Barrier oo, biko place your order while stock last fah! #LynxxGal#

  14. Ahan! I come to Abule Egba sometimes, lets see as this gooes. BMF be looking like an African diva.

  15. @PAT please holla when next you are coming... Dont mind BMF

    @Lynxx gal, you have automatically turned yourself to Manager bha? Tomi lemme know your location jor..


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