Friday, July 10, 2015

Fabric Jotter/ Note

Hello my lovely readers. Our focus today is on fabric jotters. One good thing about it is that it gives your handy jotter or better still notebook a beautiful look depending on the kinda fabric you use

A little bow can be on the cover depending on how you like it

see how handy the jotter is, did you notice the earring?
 You can get the jotter in different sizes depending on your specifications. Please note that the jotters are handmade. It will suite people who love to jot, infact its use is endless and they make a great gift for anyone

For your wedding or birthday souvenirs

For those buzzing me saying "come and teach us nah" *sideeyes*@Seyon lolz...I practically see her screaming in my face daily...Please hold on a bit because its gonna be a gradual process. The first DIY will come soon so stay glued.

Thanks to everyone for your words of encouragement.


  1. These are so beautiful. Immediately i saw this on Instagram i have to run here..

  2. Wow wow wow lovely jotters - will need something similar for an important event

  3. Love the creativity and the magic you do with fabrics... Fabric Jotters... Making brains!

  4. @ugo tanx

    @YT holla please

    @PAT yes I do

    @Glory lol FTC tinz......Thanks

  5. Start showing us how to make Na .... They look lovely ..

  6. Am definitely going to order for some one of these days. Weldone dear

  7. *suprised* jotters made of fabrics? Hum!!! Noting wey chincobee no go take fabrics do, thumbs up bae

  8. Chincobee international. I just dey love u dey go. No homo /lele intended. Keep it up darl.

  9. This chic can make you wanna desire fabrics like kilode. well done girl

  10. My chinco phone doing her thing, don't worry you will do this souvenir for me on my birthday.

    1. Bola hope the jotter will reach my*side eyes*

  11. You are an amazingly creative girl. Love the look of the jotter. Hopefully, will order for my future son's birthday *winks*

  12. @Favour lol

    @Rella Amennnnn

    @Okala chill nah

    @Jummy Amennnnn

    @Seyon lolz

    @Alabeeke, you can say that again

    @ Atom tanx bro

    @Pam Osheyyyy

    @BMF Am waiting biko

  13. This is good and it is a simple display of your expertise in this field. thanks for sharing.

  14. Wow! I love such creativity. Lovely blog btw

    Please check my blog too...thanks.

  15. @Tomi good. Am glad you love it

    @Naija single mom, thanks i will drop by

    @Saheed thanks

  16. Nice and creative


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