Monday, November 09, 2015

A Heart of Gratitude- Gratitude Challenge

Ok so AmakaMedia nominated me for this challenge which I accepted . I understand her post so well cos I was also at the redemption camp this last friday and I must confess, all daddy Adeboye stressed was GRATITUDE.  You will definitely feel guilty. All am expected to do is state 5 things am grateful to God for.

I hope the picture says it all?

1. Am grateful for the gift of life... Each time I feel I haven't gotten all I ask God for, I simply remember those that have gone 6feets under the ground and I simply would say thank you Lord.

2. Am grateful for my family members. They have been so supportive, loving in their little ways. I only pray that my parents are kept alive to see their grand children.

3. Am grateful to God for making me take the bold step of following my dreams and aspiration, for my job, career, business etc  and for you guys; you have been so supportive (Big Hug). That has kept me going. Could it have been anyone? No, it was God at work.

4. Am grateful to God for that special someone*wink wink*. We will get there soon. God knows the set time for you to achieve certain things in life, to meet certain people that will turn your life around for good. He hasn't and would never forget us.Now I know better. Once again I say Thank you Lord.

5. Lastly am grateful to God because I know him. I hope to know him more, serve him more and appreciate him more than I do at the moment.

Here Are The Rules:

  • You have 72 hours to accept the challenge when you are nominated. 
  • Write or say 5 things you are grateful for on any social media platform. (just a day)
  • Display a picture of gratitude. A picture of something simple that makes (or made) you smile in a day. It is not an opportunity to show off how rich you are. Let it be something that is simple (and inexpensive) yet a blessing. Catch my drift? OK. 
  • Nominate 5 other people in your circle. Ensure that you inform them immediately.

For my 5 nominations;
My blog pastor Lucy
My sister/friend Adetola oluwatosin
Pam and she blogs here Pammie
Alabeeke and she blogs here Alabeeke
My blog boo and he blogs here Ugo


  1. Awww! Thank you so much for the nomination dear. I appreciate

  2. Thanks my darln for the nomination.kisses

  3. Thanks my darln for the nomination.kisses

  4. Thanks sweetie for this. Love you. Now uve made me emotional.

  5. thank you my humble secretary for the nomination. remain bless!

    1. hello chincobee,
      this is to inform you that you should kindly prepare the Answers to the "on-going quiz competition at since you are not participating.

      i notify the Assistant Pasto (Gloria) to send the answers *smiles* but she said she is very busy, so as the blog secretary you are the next in line.

      of course there will be prize for the winner. thank you.
      send the answers to :

      don't keep us waiting please.
      please notify me as soon as you read this. you know how.

    2. chincobee there is championship question between you and favour moyse @

      there is a package for the winner.

  6. I thank God for ur life Chinco dear, may God fulfil all ur heart desires.

    Yay! It's my birthday today and am doing a "giveaway

  7. Great. I'm glad you are keeping the chain going. :)

  8. Wow Chinco started a blog. Nice one
    I came to the parry late

    Fashion Hub With Tosyne

  9. Blog boo boo e-hugs & e-kisses
    Thanks for the nomination... I am grateful

    Egwumba’s Blog

  10. I am grateful to God for everything he is yet to do.

  11. Chincebee my bae that also has a bae. lolz. Am so loving this post.. #ismellchristmas

  12. I am grateful for the gift of life.

    1. i am so grateful to GOD FOR WHAT HE HAS DONE AND WHAT HE IS ABOUT TO DO

  13. The only way of asking God for more blessing is to show gratitude. He has been wonderful and I said Thank you Lord. Alhamdullilah.

    Nominee congratulations....

  14. hehehe, I laughed hard when I saw this pic on amaka's blog. That moment when you are sinner but God keeps being faithful...He is awesome like that.

  15. Nice post. I am grateful to be alive because with live all things are possible.Thank you Lord for the type of heart you gave me.

  16. *life I mean. With life all things are possible.Only the living can praise and thank Him.

  17. The picture says it all
    I am everlastingly grateful to God for everything

  18. God is wonderful.. we are grateful oh Lord/.....

  19. Lovely! God is Awesome.


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