Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Our First DIY (Do it Yourself) Fabric Bangle

Hello lovelies....Sorry my post is coming late.I just had to take my time. This post is not new to some people while some are seeing it for the first time but whichever way please do enjoy.

This picture below are the major tools you will need: a bangle, a fabric, UHU glue, scissors and a tape rule (not compulsory)

Then i measured like an inch abi na 1 inch of the fabric. That's enough for a bangle

Put a little UHU glue on the inner part of the bangle so it can hold down the fabric and ensure you cover the UHU glue after use

Pick up your fabric and fold the edge on one side like it is shown in the picture below so the other rough side is on the right after placing it on the bangle

Place the folded fabric on the inner part of the bangle where you had earlier put a bit of the UHU (please dont mind my oyinbo ooo, idea is need)

Start rolling the fabric round the bangle and the more you roll, ensure it is drawn tight to avoid it being loose.

Keep rolling

Keep rolling till you get to the last lap, then you will fold both edges so the rough edge is covered

Then bring out your UHU glue and put a bit on the inner part of the bangle, give it like 50 seconds to dry, then you can now place the fabric on it and press it down

Cut off the excess fabric

Your bangle is ready

I hope the pictures and captions are self explanatory?


NB---You can get plastic bangles at the market from those that sell costumes.

You can use any fabrics but ensure they ain't too hard or else, the UHU glue won't glue it.

UHU can be gotten from those that sell hats or household equipment like paint, padlocks, chains etc. Now You can be your own boss!

If anyone tries his/her hands on this, kindly send a picture lets see.


  1. This is lovely...will try it sometime

    Nma's Blog 

  2. Am going to try this pretty soon.... Weldone Chinco

  3. Thanks so much for educating us on how to make ankara bangles FOC. Will ensure I try it out when I have time

  4. Ohk! I don't have time to try it. Lolz


  5. At last a new post is up and its a DIY...weldone Chinco bee

  6. Wow this babe is very creative oooo- will probably try it but would rather buy because if I don't have time, I lack patience and it might not turn out nice

  7. Creativity is obviously getting to the next level...
    Chincobee, na to come do IT for your hand na im remain... ***side eye, sheepish smile***

  8. This is lovely. Thanks for sharing with us am definitely gonna try this soon but am more interested on how to make an Ankara purse..


  9. I'll try to try this. Time ooo. Chincobee, abeg IT things oo, I agree with Ugo.


  10. Sincerely, I love why you do here. Promoting entrepreneural development. You never can tell how greatly it help people who really has interest in doing this but could not make themselves available for the training due to the location they found their selves. Thank you for making it easy and interesting.

  11. wow..that seems pretty easy to make...i would try that soon. Thanks for sharing!


  12. this seems very very easy..but aint much of an accessory person


  13. Hiya bubba.. Its my first time here.. lemme not Lie! Your fine G+ Display PicSHur magneted me here like juju.. Mehn you Fineee..... I love what you do on here.. and how descriptive you are with your work... keep winning Bubba.. Keep Slaying :) Oshey Trun uP!

    Please Bubba... I beg you in the name of Ankara.. I want you to meet someboRRy.. her name is Ausserehl.. and She is my favorite Egbon.. You guys do literally the same thing.. Please can you check her out.. You will love her I promise... **Cross my heart... her ghen ghen URL is: blog.ediyemade.com Pretty Please Bubba.. Cheers.. :)

    1. omg!!!! duru flying my egbon flag high!!!! hahaha
      indeed her work is amazing duru. cant stop admiring!!
      this Weekend i get to attend my first fair and im totally excited!!! even though i got the cheapest stall possible cos i wasnt about to gamble on the vip stall when i have no idea what the attendance would be like!! heres to bigger fairs in the future abi!!

      and i find it interesting that some crafters use the uhu glue. im more of a glue gun Girl and of course the modge podge works Magic!!!
      well done, your accessories are pretty

  14. Wld surely try it. Thanks

  15. Yippysssss our very first Skul2 class! Good job Chincobee #LynxxGal#

  16. Its explanatory...nice diy

  17. Must it be ankara or can I use any other fabric? Thanks for the lesson Chinco baby


  18. @Tomi that was my mistake and i have already corrected it. Its not necessarily ankara. Infact this one i used is not ankara, its a stretch fabric.You are most welcome

    @Fisayomi Thanks dear for dropping by

    @Phoenix, I wish i can get the modge podge as well. I have seen it being used. Thanks for the compliment.All the best at the fair

    @Glowy lolz....Shoe Whore you are

    @Duru Thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. So thotful of you, I visited the blog and was surprised you recommended my blog as well, Bless you bro

    @Duncan Thanks bby

    @Mimi @Miss Chrissy would look forward to see yours. Thanks

    @Pamela @Ugo na Internship una for talk lolz Thanks for dropping by

    @PAT osheyyyy dear. Atleast there is a DIY to start with

    @YT lolz, good you know you dont have the patience

    @Alabekee i hope your soon will be sooner than i expect. Thanks sis.

    @Amaka you already have something to start with.

    @Saheed Thanks for the encouragement. Its quite understandable

    @Nma @Jummy, i will look forward to seeing yours pretty soon, Thanks

    @BMF i even like your sincerity, that's why you have people like us to sell to you

    @Gloria am expecting yours and you are most welcome

    Thanks to everyone......

  19. Okay, but no vex oo the pictures aren't clear enough oo, when you say put UHU glue inside the bangle, is the bangle you used twistable sorry as in free does it turn inside out.. really nice. Answer me make I go find bangle use..

  20. @rella if you take a look at the bangle, you will see its black and the inner part is white. It is that white part I said you will put the UHU. Do you gerrit? Do quick and make lemme see!!!

  21. I do these too. Can also make shoes with ankara. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. :)

  22. your products are quite impressive and attracting and admiring.


  23. Creative! Keep it up.



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