Thursday, July 16, 2015

Power of Plastic Buttons

Yes it is what you just read. I titled this post POWER OF PLASTIC BUTTONS because when i started discovering a whole lot that can be done with plastic buttons, i was like WOW.. I don't wanna keep us hanging so i had to upload this post. 

Buttons can be used to make several things such as necklace (Coming soon), Ear rings, Finger rings etc. I have attached some pictures for your view. Please enjoy.

There are still lot of creativity cooking so relax and do enjoy. Don't forget to recommend for yourself and friends. 

The pic above, two colours were mixed together

Depending on how big you want the buttons

Thanks for your support. And thanks to my two I.T rabbits(Semilore and Busayo) for displaying their fingers Mwahhhhh


  1. Replies
    1. Nne, you are too much joor.

  2. All I see is creativity. Bless you babe

  3. Well done sweetheart, the plastic buttons are so lovely

  4. Nice.. Erm I thought you were going to teach us how to make that too.. hehe #ojofree things.. can't hurt won't hurt!!

  5. wow...little insignificant things can be turned into something beautiful..nice one dear

  6. That's good - didnt know you could use them to make finger rings

  7. U got to be kidding me u mean plastic buttons did all those ....can I get a hat of plastic buttons..

  8. Bee, this is awesome! I get turned on by creative people. You are automatically part of my e-world. Keep it coming.

  9. Dis are gorgeous buttons earring n finger rings......... Well done dear

  10. You are one talented chic. I claim to be creative but seeing your work, i am just a learner.. Thumbs up.

  11. Good thinking, good concept. Kudos gurl

  12. Lol, I.T rabbits I didn't say so.. your creative skills are bam

  13. Lemme start packing my buttons for you ooo

  14. Quite intresting and very creative.

  15. fashion to the fullest...nice work.

  16. Thanks everyone

    @bmf lolz no lele

    @amaka nice 1

    @ rellan lets see the result of the first lesson

    In TIBS voice "I see you all"........


  17. Chinco bee where are you?

  18. Am here ooo my people. It's Google doing me strong thing!!!!!!

    Please am so sorry. I guess I have visited too many blogs and I forgot to clear my cookies. Am back now I suppose

    @Gloria tanx sisto....


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