Friday, December 04, 2015

Look Who Got Her Hands Busy!!!!!!

Hello Everyone..And the xmas smellers...Hope the xmas smell is moving to every corners?
Anyways,I wanna share this DIY that was sent to me yesterday by a Reader and Blogger(I wont call you a retired blogger) cos i know all that one you are saying na bobo. 

Her name is PAT and she blogs HERE . She got her hands busy and tried the DIY bangles that was shared on this blog CHECK HERE .

Am so glad she gave it a try cos it came out pretty fine. In her words"Since am staying home now, i got busy". Well-done dear, am glad you tried it. Am still waiting for other DIYs from y'all.

And she is wearing a chincobee handmade earring.

Have a FAB weekend ahead.

A big Shout out to the Fastizers Team.(Incase you are reading)


  1. wow! she is really beautiful and rocking it well.

    Topmost Tree

    1. hello Chi love, It gladden my heart to see you affecting lives positively,
      am so proud of you! More Inspiration, Wisdom and above all Grace in Jesus' name, Amen.

      @pat,keep it up, I see you going places!

  2. PAT tried so much in this DIY, and the Chincobee hand-made earring is superb. It's a pity that my sis hijacked the one you sent to me the other time. #sadface

  3. They are nice.. And the colors u used are cool. Nice one!

  4. Hehehehe. I feel like a celebrity oo. I will try more DIY.
    Lol @retired blogger.
    Thanks everyone.

  5. wow.. its beautiful.. and she is fine too

  6. Pat really tried...and it actually did come out beautiful..bee is doin her work well

    Glowyshoe blog

  7. creativity gives me that soft toch with loads of fun n joy... tnx for sharing this chinco... and tanx to the creator for showing this to us all...

  8. She tried and it looks nice. If most of us can produce or make some of the things we used locally, we are definitely saying cost.

  9. Pat bebe, u tried jare. Its cool.

  10. Wow Pat you really tried o. Nice one chinco, that earing is beautiful

  11. Wow pat please come back to your blog

  12. Am so trying this soon.
    Yaay exams are over
    Nice work Pat.

  13. She tried, I wish I can but who will rock it


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