Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Our Rockers

Good Day Beautiful/Handsome people. Hope y'all  are enjoying the harmattan. Some people are even dressing as if they are in YANKEE already...*yimu* 

  Just wanna share with you some of our female readers making chincobee proud as they have showcased our works in their little way and am glad...I also appreciate the reviews on IG.*wink*wink* Bless you dearies.

Gloria wants us to see everything...lol

Too bad, Alabekee's sis snatched her earrings from her... dont worry, you will get another soon.

@Glowy, I haven't forgotten you...How do i send your jotter to you? *thinking*

Do have a stress-free day ahead....


  1. Wow! this is so interesting...hahahahahaha...really I love what am seeing...Ladies!
    OMG! Minister Gloria...thumb up!!

    well done Chi love, am so proud of you*hug*Smiles*

  2. Chinco, when you put up a picture drop their contact naa (single o) so that we can browser...lols

    Lovely ladies; beautiful accessories.

    Nice one Bee.

  3. this is lovely..see my Glo and catwoman.. you that left me... will get in touch the other way..

    Glowyshoes's blog

    My Facebook

  4. Beautiful ladies, nice work dearie

  5. Feeling bad now because I would have been among these people. No wahala sha, I'm glad my sis found it beautiful enough to have snatched it from me. Well done Chinco babe, your hand work will take you to places you never ever imagined you would get to.

  6. Did I know anybody among them order than Gloria? Pls their contact.

  7. Yaaaaaay.... thanks for the feature hun. May God bless the work of your hands nne

  8. Aahh. Chincobee wherez mine na? Ain't fair oh.


  9. Chincobee wherez mine na. Ain't fair oh.


  10. yaaay! see me ooo. iBlush.

    Nice one nne

  11. Chincobee where is my own? I will stalk you like. ....



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