Wednesday, December 16, 2015


I think the first time I saw this was on a blog or so, not sure though on how scarfs can be turned to jacket. Oh yes JACKET. However, there are several other things it can be used for. Do I have a witness in the house? @ AMAKAMEDIA

I used to be a lover of scarfs way back when I was serving in Maiduguri cos i wanted to comply. @AmakaMedia, my scarf were more than yours then lol but you can brag now.

Anyway, some days ago, I ran into this scarf  ish again on pinterest and i felt like hian , its high time I tried mine on as well. Just fold the scarf into two equal halves, then tie both ends and wooza, you have your boyfriend jacket!!!!! See pic below
follow the simple steps
                                                      Jacket on fleek things..*shines teeth*

i jex dey look una

image source: pinterest

Oya ooooo, start turning those scarfs around into a jacket. You don't need to buy expensive boyfriend jacket again from those dubious IG scammers hehehhehe.

Do have a wonderful day..*in falz's voice*  "kizzez"


  1. OMG! this is creativity indeed! Chincobee on point!

    have a wonderful day too!

  2. Cool..... Creativity is life.. Av actualy seen a girl do dis doh, she created various tins wit a scarf n wrapper at an event..

    Greetings from.... leXHansplaCE

  3. Hmmm seeing and hearing this for the first time...This post is timely and wonderful. Christmas and new year approaching, if any girl ask for jacket, I buy her the cheapest scarf, refer her to this post to learn how to make one.

    As if you know guy's economy for this year is tight. Thanks for the me its the #post of the year#

    1. Hahahahhahahah Saheed, your comment got me. Habaaa sofar its an expensive scarf. Nawah for you ooo

      The last time i checked you weren't an Ijebu Man.

    2. @saheed, laughing out loud.

  4. This is extremely creative. I bow for you.

  5. This is how we convert wrapper to jacket back in school. But this is more creative and I'm def not spending money on BF jacket 😛

  6. Haba me too must do this one shuooo can't be in the river and still have soap in my eyes.. Clapping for chincobee abeg.

  7. *Hums in French*. Bee haff do it again. Lovely concept sweetie! We kinda have many things in common sha. ;)

    This one is epic. Loving my scarves again and again.

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  8. To add a point: it musnt be scarf alone, wrapper can do the magic too... My bae go hearam.

    Blog Bae Bee, you did not tell me that you are now cat woman.
    Egwumba’s Blog

  9. Chinco Oya take muahhh!!!
    I love this and going to try it

    miimi's diary  

  10. Really, it's a pity I don't have a scarf. Off to Yaba to pack al the scarf in the market

  11. Oh wow!im so trying this soon..very lovely.. :-)

  12. Oh wow!im so trying this soon..very lovely.. :-)

  13. This is nice and beautiful. I hope to try it out some day

  14. And to say am a scarf kind of so gonna be trying this...bigger scarfs work the magic

  15. Nice...with DIY posts I think I might not have to get new clothes for a while. I will just keep recycling.

  16. wow! great post. I will try it
    Thanks for sharing

  17. I don't like scarves self. The days I tied my hair in Sokoto were days my hair was rough.
    Nice try bae

  18. your stuffs are nice and interesting, you have a good website

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  19. Awesome! This is talent and creativity combined. I hail u Chinco

  20. Mennnn dis is so beautiful I must try dis....

  21. I love the whole outfit... It is relaxed yet stylish...

    Have a great week!!! Women Scarves


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