Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Hurrayyyyyyy December is Here

If you are reading this post, then count yourself lucky. Its not by your power but His Grace and Mercy. Thank God for this beautiful month of December. There are so many things spectacular with this month.*side eyes* to those that have been smelling xmas since November ..lol

I wish every reader Happy New Month and a Prosperous New Year in advance.All the goodies that comes with this month will locate us all and every door that has been shut towards us from the beginning of this year will be opened in Jesus Name. Every of our dreams and aspirations will be settled this month. Don't ask God HOW but believe and Thank Him because he has done it.

Ok i once told you i will show you how the fabric flower brooch is worn. I remebered Glowy asked me. So i will share the picture with you. However there are several other ways we can use the fabric flower brooch but lets start from here.

Biko manage the picture.Thank you

Have a wonderful day


  1. happy new month to you too... wish u the best,...

    ciao Dearie


    1. @chicobee, lovely smiles....rejoice for the joy of the Lord is your strength!

  2. Smiling @Chinco. Happy new month dear

  3. Beautiful brooch.. Happy new month darling.

  4. I will not manage the pictures, I'll rather enjoy looking at God's beautiful hand work. Happy new month sweetie, still waiting for a resend of that stuff.

  5. Happy new month chinco bee
    i like the fabric flower brooch. send my own oo
    Topmost Tree

  6. Happy New Month sweetie. May God continue to keep us all

  7. This picture is too big to Be managed. It good to know you are looking fine...thanks for the wishes and happy New month

  8. Happy new month dearie. God bless u.
    The brooch looks lovely.


  9. Happy new month sweetheart..... N to all above me...

    Hoping to see you at the event ...Face of Hygiene Africa on the 6th as am coming into town for the same event..

    Tickets r up for sale.. Regular 3k... VIP 5k..

    Hope to see u there.... LILYGATE Hotel, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos...

  10. Lovely brooch

    Happy new month

  11. the brooch is lovely.happy new month dearie... bee i want a notebook.

    Glowyshoes's blog

    My Facebook

  12. Lovely brooch, I'm going to try and do something like that. Happy new month!

  13. Happy new month dear. I wish u abundant blessing this December.


    1. Chinco I've been so much busy lately. I will call him tomorrow.

  14. Lucky indeed.

    happy new month to you too... wish u
    the best,...


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