Friday, April 01, 2016

The Surprise is HERE

Am so sorry for my silence.Honestly I have been sooooooo busy. Please bear with me and this will go on for a while till am able to adjust. Its all for good though so ama testify soon.

God has been so good and am sure this month holds alot for us all.

 This is the opening day of the new month, May God sanctify us with cheerfulness and delight which
we missed in the previous month. The Lord will surprise and give us the best of Happiness.(AMEN).

Happy New month Everyone.

Back to my coming soon post...Geez y'al kept guessing habaaaa that's not the case jor, was just trying to show you something I newly tried. I hope you like this new concept of ANKARA TEES.

Enjoy the blessings of the new month and don't be fooled cos its April Fools Day and don't forget to wish me well tomorrow cos I will be a year older.This is not April Fool

Do have a great weekend ahead.


  1. Thank God you're back babe. This post proves that my previous guess was very wrong. Isorite! BTW, these Anakara T-shirts are so cool. You've got an amazing talent you know. God bless your hand work dear. Have a glorious new month.

    Alabekee's Blog

    1. Lest I forget, happy birthday in advance. I refuse to be FOOLED today. lolz

    2. I love your shirts darlinh - how very creative

  2. Wow! These Ankara T-shirts are fine, i like the map designs too
    Happy Birthday in Advance

  3. Happy new month dear and happy birthday in advance

  4. Amazing concept.... Happy Birthday in advance My Queen.

  5. My love, I wish you a happy birthday,
    But it’s me who has been most blessed , For I got to spend the year with you ,In our comfy, cozy nest.
    You are a rare and beautiful lady;
    You have delightful attributes; competence and intelligence,
    And what’s more, lots of cutes!
    You have mental strength and character To guide you on your way;
    People sense this strength in you,
    But I sense it more.
    So let’s celebrate your birthday,
    Because without it I’d never have met
    My darling, wonderful you,
    The best thing that’s happened to me yet! #wink
    Wishing Us many more flfiling returns.

    1. Awww!!!!! I go luff ooo. May God bless u two .Nothing will come btw u two. All the best in this new month of April

    2. awwwwwwwww. so beautiful........ #side eyes.....
      Jummy how you day?

    3. God is faithful Gift. Where have u been?

  6. beautiful..... May the good Lord bless the works of your hand.. Amen

  7. She is finally back.. You welcome and happy new month.

  8. Nice one. Please where you dey..

  9. Nice one. Please where you dey..

  10. i didnt see this!wow!! please i need one .mbonk

  11. Ooohh this looks very beautiful. More power to your elbow dear. And... happy belated birthday in arrears. Where's our cake and fanta?


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