Friday, February 19, 2016

Photo of the Day - Earing, Hairbow and Finger Ring

Hello Lovelies..Chai its been a while; i know. Infact the days, weeks have been so busy for me but atleast i will try make as much appearance as i can. Thank you all for your wishes on my engagement, am glad just as you all are..Shout out to BMF...My amazing friend, always making it happen. God will make you happy too.

Just thought i should share  my TIGER SKIN fabric accessory with you.

Enjoy and do have a GREAT weekend ahead...

Contact BMF for the playboy  brooch


  1. The earring, hair-bow and finger ring are all splendid. Congrats once again on your engagement. BMF is truly a darling, haven't met her one-on-one though, but I've felt her good personality the few times we've spoken on phone. God bless you reaaaaaaal good sweetie.

    Alabekee's Blog

  2. I love the hairbow.. Yayyy am happy for your.

  3. The hairbow looks lovely...congrats on your engagement

    Olisdiary blog

  4. Tiger Skin Fabric... are you for real? Hmmm...
    Nice one. That's why you are bae.

  5. congrats on ur #ENG# n nice stuff.

  6. Beautiful. Now there is something "glowy" about these pictures. You look finer. *winks*

  7. I like the hair bow. Congrats on your engagement

  8. Wow so happy for u sweetheart Congrats.

    Nice hairbow and earnings. Creativity at the peak.

    Mily's blog

  9. No story, please I want that bow for my cutie and Alice band oo in faith

  10. Lovely hair piece. Really love it. 👍

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