Friday, October 16, 2015

Our Blog Reader's DIY

Yayyyyyy am so excited about this post.

Ok one of our new blog readers Gbadebo Bimpe tried the DIY slippers I uploaded some days ago so she sent a pic of what she did. Am glad she tried it out just like Mimi.

Am waiting for y'al saying the picture ain't self explanatory. If you want the rope to be longer, then the length of your fabric should be long...You have no excuse. 

All the best...


  1. Bee darling the inspirator...amma try mine out soonest and send to you

    Glowyshoe blog

  2. This style is for those that have fine legs o...Bimpe, flaunt it you hear? lol
    Meanwhile, I am waiting to see DIY slippers of others, especially Saheed.

  3. Bimpe send mine ASAP! This is creativity st it's peak. Chincobee come and do for me nah

  4. Wow! chinco bee i love it when one is affected positively by someone.
    I pray for more positive creativity discoveries for you in Jesus' name. Amen.

    Thumb up Bimpe!!!! *smiling*

  5. @ugo DIY is for everybody oo in as much they get am waiting to see urs ooo....
    @bola dnt worry u will hear frm me soon but bfor then try ur DIY....

  6. OK oooo I need to step up my game so that Ugo and Bee will stop teasing me..

  7. With my hairy fine legs as a guy I'l take d title for d bvest DIY on dis1 if I try doin it..... 'Sims ugo no get better leg na eem mk am dey find early excuse'....

  8. This is really nice...Chinco bee, na time I never just get.

  9. It's really nice.... Would try it soon...

  10. Impressive...Chincobee is now an instructor. Nyc one.

  11. ***whispers "practical post on bow-tie" and catwalks away***

  12. Beautiful.


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