Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Ankara Inspired NeckPiece

Am so sorry for the silence all this while. I have been a bit busy lately. But am here now

Today i will show you something similar to what i once saw on Pinterest (Too much inspiration there) .Anyway, i made mine from some strands of leftover fabrics and i had like 5 steps. Atleast it cant always be beads. This should however be worn on a plain dress biko, dont annoy FASHION.

This can be made from different fabrics as you so wish.Let the orders start coming. Thanks


  1. The neck piece is sooooooooo beautiful. btw, apology accepted, and thank God you're here now

  2. Bee, all of them saying I want, should starting passing through me... their accounts must be green. lol
    Ankara neck piece... there is nothing I will not hear. Keep up in your creativity o, you are just good like that.


  3. Beautiful, am seriously making mine.

  4. Beautiful, am seriously making mine.

  5. Jumoke, everything you must buy ooo.
    This is nice am just seeing this for the 1st time

  6. This is beautiful - you're too much, my creative Nne :)


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